Assignment Criteria: Write a 3-4 paragraph response to the following prompts…
Reflect on images of political leaders, movement and events in the last 6 months. Consider the following questions and prompts as you write your response:

What actions or movements strike you as political? How is the body used as propaganda in politics?
Which political use of dance in this unit’s content most impacted you? Why?
Pick a specific political cause or concern that you care about and feel needs to be addressed in a public forum – let’s call it your “act of awareness.” How would you use dance and art to bring attention and awareness to your cause?

What form would your “act of awareness” take and in what context would you present it? Would you create and present a performance? Make a video? Organize a protest? Design a new form of expression? Are you using traditional methods or are you innovating something new? Explain in your paragraphs.

Include image and/or video links to illustrate your post. There is a lot to consider, particularly regarding recent global political events!

Please remember to cite all of your sources using MLA format.

I will attach a file of Rubric that you have to follow.

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