Fear over Reason

Using Arthur Millers “Crucible” and any other source for McCarthyism…need a 3 page essay comparing and contrasting the crucible and McCarthyism. I have included my notes which can be used.

-exhibit America’s tradition of passing judgment on before discovering the truth.
-unsubstantiated claims (can give examples witches and communism)
-Those who were accused were assumed guilty, put on trial
– people were not willing to stand up for others for fear of being accused themselves
-the affect of mass hysteria on large groups of people
-the spread of fear and panic
– social lives destroyed
one or a few people held power

communism vs witch trials
media vs towns people

-witch trials


Arthur Mills “Crucible” is a parable for the McCarthy Era in which similar “witch hunts” occurred targeting citizens as communists rather than disciple of the devil.

(this would have to be re-phrased if used)
Abigail Williams and Joseph McCarthy are similar in that they are all trying to draw a crowd of people astray. Both individuals accused innocent people of wrongdoings for their own selfish intentions; Abigail to gain the “love” of John Proctor and Joseph to be re-elected for senator. In both cases, if they were not the accusers, then they would have been the accused themselves
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