I need you to please read the following:
Krueger A 1974, the political economy of the rent-seeking society, American Economic Review june Pp 291-303

Khan M H. 2002, Corruption and governance in Early Capitalism: World Bank Strategies and their Limitation, in J. Pincus and J. Winters (eds.), Reinventing the world bank, Ithaca, Cornell University Press, Pp. 164-184

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Shleifer, A. and Vishny R W. 1993, Corruption, Quarterly journal of Economics, 108, pp599-617

there are other readings but I’ll leave that to you, if you feel you need to do more then please do so!!! BUT THE ONES ABOVE ARE COMPULSURY, I NEED THEM MENTIONED PLEASE!
I also ned case studies, please include case studies of corruption especially from East asia and sub saharan Africa but anywhere is fine with me, I think 5-8 case studiesmentioned briefly are sufficient.

I also need a bibliography please, and footnotes, just a few.
If you could mention a couple of theories that would be brilliant also, I don’t know which but my lecturer says I need at least one. Any development studies corruption related theory:)
and thank you very much,
ps: it is extremely important that my essay is original, my university is very very strict and observant, and I don’t want to jeopardise my place and get kicked out:-P
Thank you