Topic: What has the Socio-Technical Systems Theory contributed to the work environment and is it still relevant in the 21st century?

General Subject: Organizational Behavior (Socio-Technical Systems Theory)

Prepare a 8 page research paper on this topic APA 6th edition format. Mechanics: Double space; 1.5 inches all around; use page numbers You must cite in-text in APA format. You must cite all paraphrasing. Note that just because the information appears on the internet does NOT mean it is common knowledge. Information that you do not know independent of your research MUST be cited. A web site article with no author does NOT mean the information is common. There is a particular format if you use a long quote (per APA). Avoid the use of long quotes (not more than 40 words per APA). In a research paper you will find that your intro and conclusion are usually the only paragraphs that are not cited. The rest of the paragraphs are reserved for your evidence. You may use books by experts, articles from reputable sites. You may use articles on the board or in the Hunter text, but you may not use anything from blogs or Wikipedia. Do not use dictionaries or encyclopedias (tertiary source). Your paper should have at least one primary source;

The APA 6th Edition website source is:

NOTE: Do not use Wikipedia, encyclopedias or dictionaries. (The paper must be typed in Arial or Times New Roman font size 12). Use APA style formatting and endnotes / footnotes citations as appropriate. Following are possible paper topics: explore and research the question briefly after your conclusion–state an opinion. General format would include an introduction of the problem, perspectives on the issues (pros / cons, etc); conclusions. References are required.

These websites might be of assistance during the writing process: