Compare “The Birthmark” to Frankenstein in order to show that that reading them together can reveal aspects of their meaning and/or merit that would be invisible if we considered either one in isolation.

These works are similar in terms of theme, yet markedly distinct in form: they belong to distinct genres, feature importantly distinct narrators and narrative modes and spell out the implications of their primary themes in markedly different ways. What can a critical reader learn from the two considered at once?

Your introduction should guide the reader smoothly into the argument you wish to make.Try to avoid “padding” your introduction with superfluous comments,e.g. “Many people have admired Cervantes’ work for many years.”

The important thing is that you let your reader know what you intend to write about and how you intend to go about doing so.Something of this sort would be fine:”Cervantes’Don Quixote may be understood to be a long meditation on the relationship between fantasy and reality. In this essay , I intend to argue that Sancho may be identified as the voice of ordinary reality, while Don Quixote speaks in terms of chivalry and magic. Based on a comparison of these two voices, I will argue that…” followed by the thesis statement

The body of your paper should contain a discussion of evidence that you have gathered from the primary text and secondary sources to affirm your conclusion.

Evidence should come from the primary text and 2 secondary sources. Rely on sources that you and your reader can check for accuracy and good scholarly credentials.