I need a classification essay on the different of types of service in a restaurant: Fast Food, Buffet, Fine Dining. I picked this topic because I don’t like fast food, Buffets are for people who think they are getting a deal, and fine dining is for the rich and famous.
Another idea would be sorting out the prices of tuna.Cheap Tuna(Chunk Light Tuna .73/6oz.-12.2 cents per oz., In-Between Tuna(Chunk Light Tuna. 1.34/6oz, 22.3 cents per oz), Expensive Tuna(Solid White Tuna 1.88/6oz,31.3 per.oz. My audience is the average grocery shopper.
Chefs are my audience, classify types of formal-dinner desserts, based on the degree of complexity for preparation. Order the categories from simple to complex.
Double spaced, MLA, 12 pt.font, 800-1000 words. This is DUE:
October 22,2005 @ 7:00PM