Write an essay Researching statutes and case law regarding tenureand termination. Also, research arguments for and against granting teachers tenure. Write an essay of 1,200 words that includes the following:
An overview of statutes and case law concerning teacher tenure and termination that are applicable to the state of TEXAS

1. Guidance to a school administrator (citing case law, board policy, and statutes, etc.) who must decide whether or not he can terminate a tenured teacher based on allegations that he is dating an 18-year-old senior girl. Evidence includes parents producing phone records of calls made between the two individuals throughout the school year; three witnesses who saw the teacher purchase an alcoholic beverage for the girl at a local bar on a Friday evening, as well as confirmation from the bartender that the teacher purchased a drink for the girl that very evening; several witnesses who have documented seeing the teacher and the girl traveling in his car; and one witness who documented that he spotted the two individuals kissing on school grounds. Both the teacher and the student deny allegations.
In your response be sure to:
1. Provide detailed direction as to the steps the administrator should take in handling this situation.
2. Back up this guidance with statute information, case law, and board policy. For example, if you determine that termination is necessary, then you will need to explain why and exactly how the administration must handle the termination proceedings (What exactly must the administration do to terminate the employee? What procedures must be followed?). If you elect not to terminate, then you must explain precisely why you would not move to terminate and exactly how you would handle the situation/allegations, etc.
3. Finally, be sure to include a discussion regarding the implications of your final decision and the procedures you would suggest employing to address the situation.
I have added 2 articles that must be cited in the paper- feel free to choose any others as well that will assist you.

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