For this essay, i need you to argue a point, precisely and methodically, focusing on one aspect of a given topic. The topic is Capital Punishmentand I basically need you to argue my stance on it which is “I oppose capital punishment9or the death penalty, yet i can see positive aspects of it, depending on the context.” The paper should be written from that stance. However, avoid a simple “support” or “oppose” approach.
It MUST be written as focused as possible, I don’t it to be too broad since this topic is very broad, It must be narrowed down and focus. So thoroughly analyze the sources you use. You must also apply the following disciplines that could form the basis approach for the argument. History, so discuss the history of capital punishment in this country or others, remember don’t be too broad.Another approach to incorporate is psychology: the psychology of the victims, judicial reps, citizens or those on death row. Something interesting would be to examine the psychology of the jurors.