The creation of sustainable supply chain requires the cooperation through out the supply chain process, which may involve different value chain processes and various players such as, designers, developers, manufacturers, and marketers. Nevertheless, there is a paucity of research examining the mechanisms, processes, and activities of supply chain firms to improve the coordination and management of the supply chain strategies and operations to facilitate the building of more sustainable supply chains. Therefore, I would like to to explore the various issues related with sustainable supply chain management, such as strategic management, business processes and operations, inter-firm relationship management, information management, knowledge management, and innovation management.

the papers must include the following heading:

1. Introduction (By identifying the subject for research both in terms of theoretical issues and relevant empirical applications.)
2. Objectives (Giving 3 to 5 main objectives of this study)
3. Significances of the Study
4. Literature Review (Briefly review relevant literature and theories relating to the research area)
5. Research Design and Methodology
6. Conclusion