This course is supposed to teach you to be able to look at a situation (building or personal) and evaluate the security posture currently in place. Therefore, you are required to pick a building, i.e., any building to include your dorm, apartment complex, office, the White House, the Pentagon etc. and prepare a security assessment of the facility. Said assessment should include, but not be limited to lighting, fire/smoke alarms, perimeter security, internal security, access control, security response availability, etc. A diagram designating where security elements of your building are located is also required. Said evaluations should not be short than seven (7) typewritten pages and not longer than ten (10) pages.

*The writer can choose any building (so at least you aren’t restricted to one that I choose). The building must either be well-known throughout or in the state of Maryland (where I live). A good example may be where I work…Baltimore/Washington International Airport. I just don’t know how hard it will be to access security information for a place like that. If you have any questions please email me! Thanks!*