You are to write a 2-page paper. Each question is to be answered separately. State the question first and then continue to answer. Do Not Use Outside Sources!

Blake’s Poetry
There are really four terms we need to define before initiating a real investigation of Blake’s poetry: theme, motif, image and paradox.

Read through the following list of Blake’s poems:
The Lamb, The Chimney Sweeper, The Divine Image, Infant Joy, The Tyger, A DivineImage, Infant Sorrow, and The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.

Select two of the themes and write 5 lines on each, illustrating the theme by using lines from the poetry. After you’ve written your illustrations, I’d like you to re-read the poems and conclude with a paragraph or two of your own reaction. Are there other themes you found in these poems? Do you disagree with a single theme or motif? What seems unusual or surprising about Blake’s poetry?

Read Wordsworth’s sonnets “The world is too much with us,” and “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge.” I would like you, for each of the sonnets to:
1. In one sentence, summarize the problem, situation or incident under discussion.
2. Again in one sentence, explain how this poem fits into one idea of Romanticism.
3. Write down at least one question you have about the poem, be it the language choice, imagery or theme.

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