This is a assignment for my organizational behavior course, the requires below:
1.using the cultures determined from the prior assignment write the decision making style
2. Indicate the actual style or styles your company uses now
3.indicate the styles your company should use based on your cultural analysis
4you will them determine what styles should be used in your organization as it operates in the country you choose
5 you choices should be based on the cultural findings your determined in the first assignment
6 Address why there are differences and whether your organization could operate better using your determinations.

The assignment will be graded on the following rubric:
1.knowledge of course material: clearly demonstrated knowledge of the course material
2 knowledge of company and country: clearly demonstrated knowledge of the company and countries being analyzed
3 application: demonstrated understanding in applying the course material
4 organization: has the material been presented in an organized and logical manner
5 reasoning : used reasoning to support your points when appropriate
6 argument: reasoning was logical and appropriate

I am from china, so you need to analysis the actual style my company use in china, you need to write a example of the construction company which I work in china, And you need to analysis the style which chinese company should use, apply a example. why they choose this style?
What style should be used in my organization as it operates in Germany. change culture how to change style, what style should use basic on that culture.
and address why there are difference and whethe my organization could operate better using my determinations
Focus on one argument, do not write too much about china, i think it need to focus on the requires no.2 and no.6
I will send you the materials