This paper is meant to apply the understanding of personality theory specific to the life of Ted Bundy. Choose a theorist from each of the following 4 categories; then choose an aspect of their theories which fits Ted Bundy‘s life and discuss that application. You do not need to review the entire personality theory of Freud or Skinner, just apply the relevant parts to Ted Bundy‘s life. To structure the paper describe details of Bundy‘s life or his story and fit in the parts of the personality theories as appropriate.
The four categories and their theorists are as follows:
(1) PSYCHOANALYTIC PARADIGM–use Freud as the theorist. You might discuss unconscious conflicts, Psychosexual stages or evidence of trauma to explain personality. Defense mechanisms could also be used here, archetypes or moving toward, against, away. Any pieces of one theory could be used that best fit with Ted Bundy.
(2)LEARNING PARADIGM–use Skinner as the theorist. Describe some aspect of the personality that has been influenced by environmental reinforcements or conditioning. Explain the influence of the environment and how Ted Bundy‘s personality might have been different if the environment was different. Modeling is another theoretical concept that might be used.
(3) SOCIOCULTURAL PARADIGM–use Adler as the theorist. Use some of Adler’s thoughts about organ inferiority and striving for superiority. Focus on the influence of culture or the social structure around Ted Bundy and his life.
(4) HUMANISTIC PARADIGM–can Ted Bundy be placed in Maslow’s hierarchy? Described as a self actualist? What are the obstacles to self-actualization? You could use the theoretical approach of Allport or Rogers, discussing the Authoritarian personality or Roger’s notions of Conditions of Worth, or Self Image.
The main point of this paper is to apply concepts of personality theory to Ted Bundy‘s life. Different aspects of theories will apply better than others. It is up to us to explain how the aspects we choose fits with his life story.

The biography of Ted Bundy I used is: Stranger Beside Me: The Shocking Inside Story (author: Ann Rule)

The text we use in class and are to refer to is: Personality & Personal Growth (fifth ed) (authors: James Fadiman and Robert Frager)

There are no set number of quotations or citations. It is a minumum of 7 pages.

If you have any questions please email me at: or call my cell at: . It is imperative that I get an “A” on this paper so I am relying on your ideas and research to help me write this as an excellent paper. I work full time as well as go to school full time so I desperately need help. Thank you