Read(Anita Silvers, “From the Crooked Timber…”). Watch the movie Forrest Gump or The Elephant Man. Then write an essay discussing the whether its representation of disability treats it as Silvers prefers. In your essay, discuss what Silvers prefers (or what you think she prefers, given her text — interpretation is needed). Then discuss the ways the film does, and does not, match her standards. Be specific.If you like, you may also discuss whether you think her standards are well chosen.

General Instructions for the Essays
1. double-space pages (with 1 inch margins).

2. Your answer will be graded on the basis of demonstrated understanding of the course materials, general thoughtfulness, orderliness, and presentation. “Presentation” includes grammar, spelling, and
organization. Use good English sentences.

3. Give the source for all quotes and near-quotes. You may use footnotes or simply write the information in parentheses right after the quoted material.
a. (Essay Author, The Philosophy of Art, page –)
b. Give the standard bibliographical information for any other books (author, title, publisher,year of publication, and page number).