For this paper I want you to write a 6 page analytical essay on Alienation and the city in “The Death of Ivan Ilych,” you should construct an argument about a text and support it through quotation and analysis. I’d like you to connect your argument to the notion of “dwelling,” whether you focus on body, mind, home, or city.

As you know, a topic is much broader than a thesis, so I want you to come up with a specific thesis, which articulates a specific argument about this topic.
This is an analytical essay, and it should have an introduction, a body consisting of several paragraphs, and a conclusion. Your introduction introduces the topic, and it ends in a thesis statement. Your body supports your thesis, using quotation, analysis and critical summary. Your conclusion will briefly sum up your argument, and then emphasize why what you had to say is important or interesting.

All in all, construct an ARGUMENT ABOUT the text and avoid at all costs uncritical summary (i.e. DO NOT merely repeat what the authors have said in your own words, but ARGUE something about the text, and analyze them. Also, strive for clarity and focus in your writing.