This essay is for college-level history course

Special request: I order 8 pages in total, please make it 2 pages for the “Annotated Bibliography”
for the 4 research sources, and 6 pages for the “Formal paper”. Thank you.

Essay Theme:?Briefly describe and compare the view of life, the self, and the relationship to
others and the world (e.g. nature, society) presented in Taoism. Be sure to
present and discuss examples (at least three) from the Dao De Jing.

Title:?Please help to create an appropriate descriptive and functional title

Sources requirement: 1. All information must come from credible, authoritative sources
2. Sources which establish author?s credibility for audience are clearly
identified in discussion (refer to authors, texts in discussion ? this
adds to your own credibility and authority as a writer)
3. Information from sources is well integrated into discussion through
multiple strategies (quotation, paraphrase, summary)
4. Information from sources is cited appropriately both in the text and in a
works cited page using MLA format
The attachment is the rubric for the essay, please follow it as much as possible. Thank you again for your great assistance, really appreciate your help.