This Assignmet is pretty open-ended but my professor wants us to use very detailed examples from the works we choose to use. Here”s the Assignent:

Over the semester we have read social thought in a variety of forms–memoirs, philosophical tracts, and social science argumentation from fields such as economics and political science. Which FORM OF SOCIAL THOUGHT was MOST PERSUASIVE TO YOU? What does your preference REVEAL ABOUT YOU AS A 20th CENTURY AMERICAN.—
So the focus is on what FORM of writting on American social thought was more effective in persuading you and we are to by analytic about it, for example why are “memoirs” so effective? Also we must select at least two of the readings we have had this sememster and explain which type/form was most persuasive and which form was least or less persuasive. You may choose more than two works, I leave that up to you but you must choose at least two of the readings below to use in your paper. (we also may use outside sources including other literary works by the same authors we choose but we should foucus most of the paper on the readings you choose from the list below.)

ALL THE READINGS (except 3 of them) e from the same book. We read selections of the works of many different authors in a Sourcebook called:
——The American Intellectual Tradition———————–
Volume II: 1865 to the Present
Fourth Edition
Edited by: David A. Hollinger and Charles Capper
Most Libraries have a copy of this book. (I had a friend in Australia who was able to find this book at this University Library). The Readings we may choose from are all listed below. In Addition to readings in “The American Intellectual Traditions” we also have read 3 works that are seperate from “The American Intellectual Tradition” book.
Extra Readings Not found in “The American Intellectual Tradition” Sourcebook are:
1) “The Crying of Lot 49”
by Thomas Pynchon
2) “Looking Backward”
by Edward Bellamy
3) “Starting Out in the Thirties”
by Alfred Kazin
All other selections that we may choose from e “The American Intellectual Tradition” and include all of the following:

William James
“What Pragmatism Means”
Woodrow Wilson
“The Ideals of America”
Jane Addams
“The Subjective Necessity of Social Settlements”
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
“Natural Law”
Thorstein Veblen
“The Theory of the Leisure Class”
W.E.B. Du Bois
“The Souls of Black Folk”
John Dewey
“Philosophy and Democracy”
Randolph Bourne
“Trans-National America”
“Twilight of Idols”
H.L. Mencken
“Puritanism as a Literary Force”
Margaret Mead
“Coming of Age in Samoa
John Crowe Ransom
“Reconstructed but Unregenerate”
Sidney Hook
“Communism without Dogmas”
Clement Greenberg
“Avant-Garde and Kitsch”
David E. Lilienthal
“TVA:Democracy on the March
Gunnar Myrdal
“An American Dilemma”
Reinhold Niebuhr
“The Children of Light and the Children of Darkness”
Lillian Smith
“Killers of the Dream”
Whittaker Chambers
Hannah Arendt
“Ideology and Terror”
Erik H. Erikson
“Childhood and Society”
John Courtney Murray
“We Hold These Truths”
Lionel Trilling
“On the Teaching of Modern Literature”
Daniel Bell
“The End of Ideology in the West”
W.W. Rostow
“The Stages of Economic Growth”
C. Wright Mills
“Letter to the New Left”
Thomas S. Kuhn
“The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”
Martin Luther King, Jr.
“Letter from a Birmingham Jail”
Betty Friedan
“The Feminine Mystique
Susan Sontag
“Against Interpretation”
Mal X
“The Ballot or the Bullet”
Noam Chomsky
“The Responsibility of Intellectuals”
Samuel Huntington
“The Democratic Distemper”
Ralph Ellison
“The Little Man at Chehaw Station”
Nancy J. Chodorow
“Gender, Relation, and Difference in Psychoanalytic Perspective”
Richard Rorty
“Science as Solidarity”
Judith Butler
“Gender Trouble”
Kwame Anthony Appiah
“In My Father”s House”

So please feel free to email me back at (that”s with two zeros) or my other email address and let me know if you have any trouble finding the readings you need. If you need me to fax you any readings I should be able to. Also feel free to email me with any questions or call me at
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Thank you