the topic should be quite specific, i.e. it should focus on a single phenomenon or syntactic construction in Arabic Language. It is better to work on, say, tag questions than on clauses, the former is more specific. Generally speaking, this project should have three parts. (i) Part one should be a demonstration of knowledge. It will be a review (in one’s own words and with own conceptualization) of the relevant component of syntax. This section should supply the context and the framework within which data analysis and theoretical considerations will take place. (ii) The second part should be a presentation and detailed descriptive analysis of data. Here is where the focus in on the particular construction that have been decided to work on. Present the facts, give relevant data, and construct the relevant generalizations about it in a clear and detailed way. (iii) Finally, it should be considered how the data fits or does not fit into the relevant part of the theory. Here is where can see the significance of data should be shown; that it can be seen where data supports a theory and where it causes problems.