a poem, prayer or letter to my family. This will be the 3rd thanksgiving without my brother (Todd) and father. I have 2 brothers and a mom and Todd’s wife Laura. We all miss them both. This is the only time all of us get together because we live in different places. We did this when my brother Todd and dad were alive. It is a family tradition. My brother Todd died unexpectly of a heart attack at 36 years old August 2oo2. My dad was terminally ill and died about 6 weeks befor my brother. I just want this to say how important our family is to each other. How much we miss dad and Todd. How I know my mom and my brothers and laura (todds widow) and myself. We know they are with God. How thankful I am for my brothers Brian and his family, Terry and his family my mom, and Laura, and my husband Bob and my children. Please make sure it says how important it is to keep our memories of dad and Todd and how thankful I am for having them the wonderful years we did have them. Also, please say how important it is to my brother that is in heaven now that all of his family (including brothers and nephews and nieces are born again christians) This will be something i will be giving everyone on Thanksgiving. My name is Cay