The following question should reflect a detailed presentation of your incisive argument and creative assessment of the two texts supported by examples and illustrations and other critical details that enhance your perspective. Paper must be at least five full pages in length in MLA format. Please observe the principles of grammar, spelling and paragraph development and organization.


In Amiri Baraka?s THE DUTCHMAN and Lorraine Hansberry?s A RAISIN IN THE SUN, Clay and Walter Younger Jr are two African American males who seek to claim their manhood despite the social/ economic obstacles created and vigorously enforced by a hostile American society. They are ultimately challenged by the power of a white community- Karl Linder and Lula, the sadistic temptress. Please describe the context and nature of Walter?s confrontation with Karl Lindner and Clay?s defensive, violent response to Lula?s verbal sexual/gender assaults. Both men achieve a degree of manhood, but do these two texts end on notes of hope? If so, explain in detail.
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