Part 1 – Annotated Bibliography (1 page)
Please create annotated bibliography from the attached articles.

Part 2 – Reflective Diary – Securing the Electronic Frontier (2 pages minimum)

Please create record of reflections about experiences, attitudes, opinions, and feelings in relation to the information technology (IT) and cyber ethics. Provide thoughts, feelings, ideas, and emotions.

Please use attached articles and consider these ideas in regards of Securing the Electronic Frontier:

The impact of cyber security measures placed on networks to limit the potentially harmful vulnerabilities to be exploited and the questions of who makes those ethical decisions.
The differentiation between trespass, unauthorized access, and hacktivism, and how certain types of search engines may be considered trespassing.
The impact of cybercrime and Internet vulnerabilities within the workplace as it relates to the moral imperative to ensure cyber security protection.

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