There are 3 .mov video files that I will need to send over email or I can provide you with a transcript of the videos. There not to big like 3mbs per video. The videos are the interviews.

Based on the interviews, prepare your report for Wheelworks managers by answering the following questions:

In most organizations employee needs are used to motivate performance. Briefly explain Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in your own words so that the Wheelworks managers will understand the theory. Then provide specific examples as to how Wheelworks meets each level of needs for their employees. (10 points)
Similarly, explain Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory so that Wheelworks’ managers will understand Herzberg’s concepts. Provide two or three specific examples of Motivation factors and a like number of Hygiene factors you were able to identify in the organization. (10 points)
In your interviews, Wheelworks employees and managers state that “passion for the sport of cycling” is their number one motivator. In general, do you agree that love of the work itself is the strongest motivator of people? Explain why or why not for the Wheelworks executives reading your report. If you disagree, based on your experiences, explain what other factors might be stronger motivators. (10 points)
Recap in your report the specific types of financial rewards and incentives are used at Wheelworks. Explain thoroughly for managers how each might work to increase employee motivation. (15 points)
You know from your research that Wheelworks does not pay commission to its sales staff. Recap the reasons why not. Based on what you know about the organization and motivational theory, do you believe this decision is appropriate for the firm, given its goals and strategies? Why or why not? As a consultant, what other types of compensation systems would you propose? (10 points)
Grading Rubric for this Case Study:

Quality of the answers to item 1-4 above: (55 points)
Correctly produced APA parenthetical citations and References list: (10 points)
Organization, Spelling, and Grammar: (10 points)

This Case is worth 75 points, and is due at the end of Week 6 by 11:59 p.m. MST. Please name your paper “LastName FirstName_303Case.” Your paper should be a minimum of 800 words.

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