Choose a passage or scene from the early part of Daisy Miller, by Henry James, that you think is critical to some type of development occuring later, such as theme. Explain why you think the passage is important or crucial. Essentially, you are to explain clearly and fully why a reader should pay vey close attention to this passage or scene. Again, don’t just say it is important; give me specific reasons why it is important. You can give a normal 5 paragraph essay or you can think beyond the 5 para. essay for. You must use present tense consentently. Please give the authors full name and title of the book in the first or second sentence of the introduction. You must have a thesis, a main, or controling idea. Must have complete paragraphs and numbered pages. Also, the conclusion is important. Rather than summarizing what you have written earlier, it should deal with the implications of what you have discussed in the body paragraphs of the essay.E