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What I took away from creating my Dada poem is that money does not always create happiness and that the only one who can make you happy is your self. It is strange that you can take and mix up every word in the article, but still recieve the same basic message from it. I’m sure that everyone will still have their own personal opinion , but the key idea of the artice is still very similar to me. This has in a way is a reflection in some areas of my life, as well as many other peoples I’m sure. As with my feelings piece by Marcel Duchamp the piece also seems to reflect the style with the accident of the breaking glass adding a more dramatic feel to the piece.

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Well, maybe I should have picked a different article. I don’t really know what to say about this poem except how Absurd!!! Actually there are a few parts that are kind of scary . Massive April making trees of still death.” “While on is flower its victims stretch about” Scary!!!!According to our text, the definition of Dada is “an early 20th century artistic movement, named after a nonsense word that was rooted in a love of play, encouraged deliberately irrational acts, and exhibited contempt for all traditions.”(Matthews) I feel my poem is in true Dada form, because I was deliberate in my cutting of words and taking them one by one from a bag to compose it, and most defiantly it is nonsense. I will totally. agree that Dada is the most usual movement of the 20th century ( p.580) When looking at “ The Bride stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even” by Marcel Duchamp I see the use of metal and geometric shapes, being used ,not really something we have seen up until now. This piece is very interesting to me because aside from seeing the above mentioned metal and shapes I don’t see the Bride, nor do I see any resemblance to men in the nine objects in the bottom left of the Art. Our text states that WW1 had made all values meaningless to the Dada artists and they embraced “anti-arts” as their only ethical position. (pg.580-81) Even though my poem is silly I had fun making it, Maybe the Dada artists needed a release that would just allow them to let out the anger they held towards the War and the bourgeoisies, and this creative art work was that release.

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