Your answers must be organized in essay format: introduction, discussion, and conclusion (in paragraphs!). You must use material readings
1)The spread of HIV/AIDS has highlighted how sexuality is at the intersection of biological and social forces. How has the HIV/AIDS epidemic contributed to the production of certain sexualized social categories and identities? How have different categories of risk been constructed and what have been the consequences of these constructions? How has the HIV/AIDS epidemic transformed gender and/or sexual relations?
2). In what ways does cybersex change our experience and understanding of sexuality? How does cybersex and cyberdating transform old gender and sexuality identities and categories? How are these transformations possibly related to globalization? What new moral and ethical challenges does cybersex present?
3)How have different stands on prostitution (abolitionists, regulationists, and supporters of sex worker’s rights) viewed the people involved in this type of work? What are the problems associated with dividing sex workers the categories “voluntary” vs “forced” ? What are some of the political, economic, and cultural factors behind the growth of sex tourism and romance tourism?
4)Sexual practices are enacted in relation to and shaped by a variety of cultural processes. Some of these practices are categorized as “tradition” and defended on the grounds of cultural preservation and self-determination. On the other hand, some of these same practices have been attacked as human rights violations. Discuss the tension between human rights and cultural rights with regard to sexuality and sexual practices. You may consider such examples as genital mutilation, honor killings, violence against women, treatment of homosexuality, and reproductive rights. How can understanding the context of these practices help us to transcend the debates over human rights vs. cultural rights? Should sexuality be a human right?
Every answer should more approximately 1.5 of a page.The first question would be based on a reading from the BlackBoard.My login:Minsk-city,password is:sexy1986.The course name is Sexual Behavior,the articles is under the course documents.The Construction of Risk in AIDS Control Programs by Kendal and Patton, “From Nation to Family” by Susser, Ida .Question number 2 is also at Blackboard-Martin, “The End of the Body?”.Question number 3 is also on BlackBoard-Sterk, “Tricking and Tripping” and question number 4 is also based on a reading at Blackboard-Bracketing Sexuality by Saiz (2.335 Mb)

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