I request T. Lavinder

Write a response to each of these questions. The response should be about one paragraph in length. References do not have to be given as the responses should be in your own words. The answers to these summitive questions will be covered in your readings. I would suggest that you answer them as they are covered each week and not put it off until the last week.

1. How would you characterize the general field of curriculum?
2. Why is it necessary to understand the history of curriculum?
3. What approach to curriculum do most educators adopt? Why?
4. define curriculum?
5. Why do most theorists define curriculum in terms of generic principles or processes, not specific subject matter?
6. How do the foundations of education influence curriculum? Are some foundations more important than others?
7. What is the difference between curriculum development and design?
8. How do you define the role of the local school people (principal & teachers) in curriculum design and development?
9. How can we distinguish educational aims from educational goals (give examples)?
10.How will the internet affect curriculum design & development?