Subject Area: Educational based – An Instructional Leadership Course
Topic: Learning Communities

* The culminating research project/paper of school district, instructional leaders, teachers, parents, students, and community partnerships that must demonstrate your comprehension, application (function and purpose), analysis, and integration of course work and current research related to Learning Communities.

* The project/paper must be purposeful work for the Learner.

* The paper must be 10 pages in length.

* Required total of 7 references (dated within 10 years old are accepted) must include:
References must be Educational Journals or Scholarly journals that can be accessed through ProQuest, WilsonSelect, or ERIC etc… Send for files are not accepted, because this causes delays and impacts embellishments to the work

* Required Subtitles must be inserted above the each section within the essay and address these questions:
(1) What are they?
(2) What is the mission and purpose?
(3) What are their benefits?
(4) How can they be implemented in the curriculum planning process?
(5) Who established them?
(6) Where did they originate?
(7) When did they become an educational trend?
(8) How do they impact the technology trend?
(9) How do they create a learning culture?
(10) Strategies to promote the learning culture?

P.S. If you have access to any of these books, they would serve you well in writing this document.

(1) Dietz, M. (1997). School, family, and community: Techniques and models for successful collaboration. Aspen

(2) Gupton, S.L. (2003). The instructional leadership toolbox: A handbook for improving practice. The Sage

(3) Ornstein, A., Behar-Horenstein, L., & Pajak, E.F. (2003). Contemporary issues in
curriculum. 3rd ed. Allyn & Bacon ISBN: 1

(4) Wiles, J. & Bondi, J. (2002). Curriculum development: A guide to practice. 6th ed. Prentice
Hall ISBN: 1

Respectfully Submitted