Current events
One of the essential skills necessary for fashion professional is to be able to identify important trends in the fashion industry, analyze the reason that they are important, and use them to form business decisions.Therefore, you will be asked to contribute four (4) current events to the class over this session.
Directions: Read various newspapers and trade papers/journals and identify a current event you feel is important. Please have the full citation and/or if possible, copy and paste the article?s URL or web address link to the article in the citation section of your article summary page. See the Course Calendar for topics and due dates. Please include the following items (outlined below) in your summary page:
1: Full citation of the article (see example below)
Marshall, S.G. (2010, June 1). Why CSULB fashion students earn the most money after graduation. Women?s Wear Daily, p. 3.
2: The fashion business trend you have identified in the article e.g., stores are reducing their square footage, contracting is returning to the U.S.
3: Three reasons you feel this is important for the fashion industry
Example: Trend – stores are reducing their square footage
Why this is important:
a. If stores are decreasing their square footage this will mean that malls/shopping centers will continue to have a difficult time filling their space to full occupancy.
b. If mall owners cannot attract fashion retailers they will look for other types of businesses or organizations to occupy the space, which will change the ?face? of the mall as well as the shopping experience. (Some malls are converting unused space into DMVs.)
c. Ultimately this might lead to higher prices for apparel since mall owners will not be earning as much money per square foot thus they would need to increase rents to retailers who will pass along the increase to consumers by way of increased prices on goods sold.

***I need four pages summary of four different topics #1 Major retailers #2 Retail trends #3 Digital IQ/ Social media in retail #4 Future of retailing. Also, please provide the URL of the articles or paste the articles before each summary.