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I would need for the meds written in this previous paper to be the ones utlized. Also I am including all the guidelines for the paper after that.

Pharmacologic treatments for cystic fibrosis include insulin for diabetes, antibiotics for infections, pancreatic enzyme replacements, bronchodilators, aerosol drugs to thin mucous. In some cases, corticosteroids or other anti-inflammatory drugs are helpful for narrowed airways. New, promising oral and aerosol medications are being researched and tested as well.
Overall treatment programs should include psychosocial support and therapy to cope with feelings of isolation, parental education, respiratory therapies such as postural drainage or compression vests, nutrition counseling and intervention, and physical therapy. Immunizations for influenza and pneumonia are critical for infants and children with cysticfibrosis, to prevent further lung complications.
Surgeries associated with cystic fibrosis complications include liver transplantation, double lung transplantation, or procedures to correct a pneumothorax, chronic sinus infection, esophageal bleeding, gallbladder disease, or intestinal obstruction. The treatment of the future may be a form of gene therapy in which healthy CFTR genes are delivered directly to the lungs. (Beers & al, 2003)

expect no less than 2 references to be cited for the Pharmacology portion. One reference must be a reputable drug hand book that provides details of drug side-effects, contraindications etc. I would suggest the Nurse’s Drug Handbook or even the inserts that are found in the pharmaceutical packages. The Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) is another good source. For internet sites, make sure that the site is reputable and not a marketing site for the drug company. Stay away from Wikipedia ??” the information on this site is often inaccurate. I will not accept it as a reference.

• Content ??” The drugs you will select will be based upon your assigned topic. What is prescribed for this disease or condition? Is there an immunization agent?
What classes of drugs are used to treat the disease? You will need to think about some of these questions.

• Based on the work you did in the last course I expect to see a brief description of treatment for your topic. Then key on the drug treatments. Remember some of the treatments may involve Over the Counter Drugs (OTC’s). I do not want to see a list of drugs. Concentrate on the drug classes used to treat the condition ??” then key on 2-3 drugs with specific information. For example, if your condition is CHF, treatment would include ACE inhibitors and possibly beta blockers and diuretics depending on the patient symptoms. So, you should provide an example of an ACE inhibitor with side effects, mode of action etc. Then tell me about diuretics ??” why they are used etc.

• I will be looking for topic headings of the following:
o Classification of the drugs selected ??” e.g. CNS drugs, NSAIDS, steroids etc.
o Generic, trades names, chemical names etc
o Available forms ??” how is it prescribed ??” and what method of administration is typical for your topic?
o Indications and Dosages ??” I do not expect much about dosage since this is really not something relevant to a coder ??” I just want you to get use to the terms and prescription methods.
o Action of the drug ??” why is it effective for your condition? ??” what is the expected timeframe (onset) of therapeutic effect? i.e. immediate, days, weeks etc.?
o Adverse reactions or side effects ??” and what is their treatment? (what do you look for in the chart?) For example, Lasix causes hypokalemia ??” potassium supplements may be needed ??” it is a complication and could change reimbursement. The same thing happens with chemo drugs ??” they may cause anemia ??” you need to be able to recognize this. These side effects and the respective treatment should be mentioned in the paper.

Example ??” all antibiotics have potential side effects ??” what are the most common and how are they treated or prevented?

o Interactions with other drugs ??” are there any known interactions and what is the treatment for them? For example think about the potential for interactions with alcohol and narcotics. Are there synergists and antagonists?
o Pay close attention to lab results ??” therapeutic levels may need to be monitored. Example ??” think about therapeutic levels of heparin ??” what labs are useful to monitor your drug? This may not be applicable for everyone’s topic.
o Contraindication and precautions ??” think about the young, the elderly, the immuno-compromised. Talk about the potential for polypharmacy ??” esp with the elderly. (If you do not know what this means ??” look it up, it is very important and you will be tested upon this concept.)
o Any other relevant material that is useful for this drug ??” sometimes nursing considerations can provide clues about the effects or side effects of the drug.

I do not expect you to cut and paste info from websites ??” that is clearly plagiarism. I expect that you will distill the information and write this in your own words with cited references. Students need to be able to clearly communicate using appropriate English. You will be responsible for writing coding queries someday and you need to communicate well. Take advantage of the 15 points for grammar and appearance ??” this is the easy part of the grade. If unsure ??” have someone else read your paper and edit. Read it out loud to yourself ??” this often provides clues for sentence structure and clarity