Literature review required, an itroduction then five chapters. into: to consist of brief over view of cystic fibrosis (CF)including facts and figures relevant to the UK.And what imaging modilites our available, and the areas that will be looked at the lungs and the gastrointestinal problems i.e pancreas liver etc…

Diagrams tables images charts are essential all through written work.

Chapter 1. Anatomy and physiology of the two areas,Pathologyand diagnosing of CF, tests used the genetics of the the disease, its progression (staging of the disease) ending with transplant.

Chapter 2-4 Imaging modalities

Chapter 2. brief description what CT is How and Why Computed Tomography(CT)is used its benefits its drawbacks i.e radiation dose to patient and ipossible long term affect, how it works using technical terms where needed is there any difference between adult and child imaging?

Chapter 3. Breif description of MRI how why it is used benefits , drawbacks,i.e difficult procedures how it works, technical terms when needed, differences between adult and child imaging?

Chapter 4. breif overview of other imaging modalities used for imaging the two areas mentioned benefits , drawbacks i.eneeded, differences between adult and child imaging?

Chapter 5. Discussion /Conclusion

overall benfits of imaging which is the best for each area i.e lungs, with support backing it up what the future holds (developments)does more research need carrying out.

Level of work required to UK degree pass mark prefered no higher than B+ and no Lower tha B- if possible. work will be checked for plagerism using computer software.Chapters to be roughly of equal size
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