Works needed: “Cyrano de Bergerac”, by Rostand Edmond. And the movie “Roxanne” starring Steve Martin.

This essay should examine what is significant about the way STEVE MARTIN updates Rostand edomnds “Cyrano de Bergerac.” The essay should not merely suggest that the changes have been made to modernize the work. It should examine how those differences affect the theme and or the charachters as conceived by Rostand Edmond.

Some questions you should consider when writing the essay may include:
1. How the addiction of sex changes the work.
2. How the ending affects the interpretation.
3. How making Cyrano confident a woman instead of a man alters the central theme.
4. how the happy ending changes the work.

These are just a few ways to focus the analysis, but make sure the essay is an ANALYSIS and NOT a plot summary or review. You must also use example, Quotes from the two works to prove every point you try to prove. A proper bibliography is needed as well.

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