Your Board of Directors has asked you to compile a briefing paper for their consideration. Your organisation is considering becoming the major sponsor for the Tour Down Under for 2013.

Your task is to write a briefing paper using the sponsorship screening process framework CEDAREEE (refer below) as a guide in directing the decision as to whether your organisation should or should not become the major sponsor of the Tour Down Under for 2013.

The Board is looking for:
? a recommendation which outlines the pros and cons of this potential sponsorship
? the benefits;
? the organisational/event fit;
? the marketing benefits with a concise summary of the proposed marketing plan;
? the return on investment; and
? why it should be binned or accepted.
? The Tour Down Under, a 7 day event begins and finishes in Adelaide with 150 cyclists from around the globe competing for the winner?s jersey. The tour is the first stop in the ProTour world cycling calendar and the first ever event to be held outside of Europe.

The 2008 Tour Down Under injected $17.3M (a 50.4% increase from 2007) into the South Australian State’s economy through the direct expenditure of the 15,100 event specific visitors who traveled from interstate and overseas for the event. Total visitor nights topped an all-time high of 195,200. Of this amount 140,500 were contributed by the event specific visitors, meaning a 37.7% increase on event specific visitor nights compared to the 2007 event.

The 2010 Tour Down Under generated $41.5m in economic benefit for South Australia and attracted 770,500 spectators and 39,700 event specific visitors.

Further information:
Tour Down Under:
Statistics about the tour:
South Australian Tourism:

C = Customer audience
E = Exposure potential
D = Distribution channel audience
A = Advantage over competitors
R = Resource investment involvement required
E = Event’s characteristics
E = Event organisation’s reputation
E = Entertainment and hospitality opportunities