This is a research paper on: Cyberbullying: Misdirected Frustrations Lead to Bullying Others

I would need:
Table of Contents
Introduction and Statement of the Problem P. 1
Purpose of the Study P. 1
Research Questions P. 1
Brief Literature Review P 2

Research Paper Research and Program Evaluation

1. Research interest. Explain the reason for this interest as a counselor in training.
2. Background.
a) review and comment on some date bases that you can use for investigating or researching about the topic that you chose in section number
b) Name some journals where information on you chosen topic may be found, and
c) Name at least one institution or organization that may help you to research and/or inform you on your topic of interest.
3. Research question. Formulate a possible research question to guide your inquiry.
4. Methodology. Referring to Crotty, comment on methodology and/or approach (in relation to Creswell (2013) that may best fit your inquiry and how it relates to you research question.
5. Method. Referring to Crotty, comments on the possible methods (e.g., tools, scales, etc.), that you may use for your research topic.

The following questions refer to Crotty (1998)

6. Epistemology. Define and comment on the epistemology of your study.
7. Ontology. Define and comment on the ontological nature of your study.
8. Axiology. Referring to Creswell (2013) and the ACA Code of Ethics define and comment on the axiological implications of your study.
9. Data. Comment on possible ways for :
a) Data collection. How you will collect your data.
b) Data processing. How you will process your data.
c) Data analyses. How you will analyze your data.
10. Outcomes and/or results. Predict some possible outcomes or results.

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