Explain cyber crime & technological crime and discuss how this crime impacts 3 other social problems.

Detail 3 dependent (Y) variables. How does this crime effect 3 other social problems/issues? For each dependent variable provide 3 forms of rationale to each of the 3 variables to clearly state the relevant statistics, research, theories, & findings. Find the 3 effects and 3 solutions to cyber and technology crime. If Cyber crime is the independent variable (X) discuss the 3 (Y) dependent variables which are an effect of cyber crime.

For each Y variable there should be 3 statistics, research, or theories, that clearly demonstrate the causal relationship between cyber crime and the Y variable. 3 variables with 3 justifications/rationales which clearly show the relationship of how Cyber crime and technology crime further increases the harm in these 3 areas. A total of at least 9 discussions of relevant statistics, research, theories, and findings for each one of the 3 dependent variables. (for example if you only discuss 2 dependent variables and have 3 statistics it would only be 6 and not 9).

After discussing the 3 most powerful effects of this crime, then discuss 3 possible solutions to help eliminate cyber and technological crime as well as addressing the social consequences (Y variables) which this crime produces. For each solution again show at least 3 relevant statistics & research that show how their solution could work to not only eliminate the crime itself but the 3 social consequences which result from this crime as well (again a total of nine facts; 3 facts for each of the three solutions). For each solution there must be 3 statistics and research to back it up. No general answers, discuss the facts.

The social problems that I have been thinking of researching are: cyber bullying, identity theft, internet fraud/scams (such as the 419 scam), money laundering…to name a few if it helps to narrow it down. Please do not use more than 3 direct quotes per page but can use regular citations for paraphrasing the idea as much as you want to help explain. Citations should not be older than 2003.