This can be about any major department store of your choosing. Thank you.

Write a five paper in APA format, double spaced, in 12-point font and with a 1? margin. Make sure to properly cite all sources. In your paper, you will first discuss the fundamentals of exceptional customer service in general. Then, you will describe how the company you are profiling uses these fundamentals to provide the exceptional customer service it does.

Discuss the fundamentals of good customer service. Cover these topics (one to two pages):

?What is your definition of good customer service?
?How are good customer relations and rapport established?
?What are basic customer needs common to all customers?
Company Profile
Evaluate the exceptional customer service of the company you selected. Cover these topics (three to four pages):

?What is the background of the company? Its history? Mission statement?
?What are the customer service policies like? Is the focus placed on customer needs?
?What is the relationship between employee empowerment and accountability? How does this affect employee morale?
?What communication strategies are used to develop good customer relations and rapport?
?What is the complaint resolutions process?
?Illustrate an effective complaint resolution technique used by the company. Why is this technique effective?
Conclude your paper by answering the following questions (one page):

?What are the strengths and weaknesses of the customer service environment?
?What suggestions for improvement do you have?
?Does the company promote a ?customer first? attitude? Explain. What is the value of doing so?