Customer responses to services often are strongly influenced by emotion. The reason is that services are experiences which involve the customers‘ senses and compel the customers‘ complete attention.
Interview 3 friends or friendly colleagues about a service to which they feel especially loyal. Ask them to explain their loyalty.

Then ask about a service where they’ve vowed never to return. Take notes on what they tell you.

Write a 2 page paper. Analyze these specific responses in light of the background readings(included below). How did these customers‘ experiences influence their loyalty or disloyalty? What was the role of their emotions? Do you think the customers recognized the importance of their emotions in evaluating their experiences?
Tip: Sometimes your interviewee will not mention emotion and may even deny the role of emotion if you ask. As the interviewer, you can be more objective. You may recognize the role of emotion, even if your interviewee does not.
Your assignment will be evaluated on logic, clarity, references to the background reading and evidence that you understand the concepts.

Background readings:

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Optional readings

Anonymous. 2008. Six Major Airlines Announce Plans to Launch Exciting Free Service to Enhance Passenger Experience. Business Wire. Jul 15.

Anonymous 2008. No need to suffer in silence: Lawyer seeks stories about customerservice for how-to book. The Atlanta Journal – Constitution. August 15. Page G-1.

Here is some info on citing sources.

Do not begin with a long introduction or background section. Jump right in and answer the question. Avoid long description and quotes from your interviewees. Analysis and interpretation will count towards your grade. Do not just summarize or “regurgitate” what you have read.