customer will mail source to writer.

The Case Study is due on 01/19/08 at midnight. I would prefer to receive it 24-48 hrs before the due date so that I can review and make corrections as needed. If this is not possible, then I would like the writer to send me partial updates for each 1/3 of the Case study he or she completes so that I can gauge progress and share feedback if necessary. That way they have up until 7AM on 01/19/08 to deliver.

This assignment is for an information systems Case study that spans 11 chapters of the book – Systems Analysis and Design, Seventh Edition (Shelly Cashman) (Paperback) by Gary B. Shelly (Author), Thomas J. Cashman (Author), Harry J. Rosenblatt (Author) ISBN-10: 5 / ISBN-13: 978-4.

At the end of each chapter there are multiple case studies that present real life scenarios and requirements that can be satisfied by applying the information discussed in the chapter.

The Case study assigned is the “Personal Trainer Inc” Case. This is a Systems Analysis Class and would require a writer with an IT / Business background that can address the specific requirements for the Personal Trainer Case in each Chapter and compile them into one comprehensive document. It would require business memos, systems requirements, some diagrams – org charts, FDD’s, Process flow, DFD, Context, etc, and some analysis of facts presented in each the individual chapter cases by applying the info covered in the chapter.
Book- Systems Analysis and Design, Seventh Edition (Shelly Cashman) (Paperback) by Gary B. Shelly (Author), Thomas J. Cashman (Author), Harry J. Rosenblatt (Author) ISBN-10: 5 / ISBN-13: 978-4
Instructions from the professor and tentative outline of requirements from each chapter:

You will be required to complete the Personal Trainer Inc. Case Study questions that are presented at the end of each chapter. The final delivery of the case study should be one (1) comprehensive document that includes a title page, table of contents, and references delivered electronically in a word document. Sections should be as concise and accurate as possible.

The below requirements/deliverables will be required in the final submission. Please note that this is just a tentative outline. The assignment requires review of the textbook to ensure that all details requested in the personal trainer case study are captured and responded to. In addition, you are to follow the instructions that the textbook outlines. For example, if the question asks for a memo of your recommendations, you are to include a memo in your final submission. A list of recommendations will not satisfy the requirement and you will be penalized for this type of submission. Remember, this is a system’s development class which is based on requirements and you will be graded accordingly to how well you are able to implement the requirements presented to you.

1. Chapter 1: Business Profile, Organization chart, Susan VS Gary, Systems Discussion
2. Chapter 2: Mission Statement, Interview List, Internal/External Factors, Recommendations List
3. Chapter 3: System Requirements, Scalable Issues, Sampling, FDD
4. Chapter 4: Context Diagram, ODFD Diagram, Leveling Memo, Balancing Memo
5. Chapter 5: Use Case Diagram, Class Diagram, Object Relationship Diagram, State Transition Diagram
6. Chapter 6: Web Based System, System Requirements Document, Prototype, Financial Analysis Tools
7. Chapter 7: Detailed Report, Switchboard Design, Storyboards, Mail-In Source Document
8. Chapter 8: ERD, 3NF, Data Population, Message to Susan
9. Chapter 9: ERP, Client/Server Architecture Check-list, Backup/Disaster Recovery Recommendation, System Design Specification Outline.
10. Chapter 10: Training Group, Changeover Method, Data Conversion Plan, Post Implementation Evaluation.
11. Chapter 11: Systems Performance/Workload Memo, Maintenance Memo, Release Management, Security Issue Memo