Curriculum Review
This project is designed to provide you with 1) an opportunity to become knowledgeable about a contemporary curriculum program that interests you; 2) an opportunity to share your findings with the class and 3) a number of handy summaries and critiques of curriculum programs prepared by your classmates.
For this project you will select a Curriculum Program from the course list (or a different one for which you receive approval in advance). You will conduct research into the approach you have chosen and prepare a critical review.
1. Take some time to browse the websites of different programs in order to choose one that especially interests you. Then, choose one.
2. Read a selection of materials, including (but not limited to) the website for your chosen program
3. Read one independent research article about your chosen program. (It’s okay if it is listed on the website as long as it represents work conducted by scholars independent of the organization they are writing about.)
4. Prepare a 1-2 page written summary of the program organized by the following headings in the order below:
a. philosophy/guiding principles;
b. history and current status;
c. schools in our region that employ the program;
d. approach to curriculum development, instruction, evaluation, and staff development as relevant;
e. Implementation strategy
Note: It is okay to quote heavily from the website or other sources in completing your summary. Please make sure, however, that you cite any and all sources that you quote or paraphrase.. Also, please be sure to format your summary according to the headings above.
5. Prepare a one page summary of the research article about the program. Include an appropriate citation for each article.
6. Prepare a 1 page written critique identifying strengths and limitations based on your personal beliefs and knowledge of curriculum. Include a bibliography as necessary.

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