Curriculum Handbook Project – 20 points

This course is one of the sequence of required courses for the Curriculum and Instruction graduate degree. To be assured all candidates will develop a thorough understanding of their own curriculum area of responsibility, you will research and explore the philosophical, historical, social, and political background of your curricular area. As all curricular areas are currently shaped by National Standards, your research will begin with the origin and the related background of the curricular area you choose. This CurriculumHandbook will provide you with a resource for future work and study with assigned work in the sequence of courses in Curriculum and Instruction. The assignment will also provide you with information that is essential to understand past and present trends and issues in our system of education.

Part I – Timeline of Events (5 points)

•Research the origin of the curricular area indicating important developments in educational policy-making that were influenced or shaped by historical/societal events, prevailing or changing philosophies, economic conditions, the political climate, etc. Timelines will be shared with class members.

•Identify curriculum standards and the authoring organization. Include a written summary of the possible philosophical, historical/social, and economic/political influences that may have shaped the past guidelines/frameworks and present National Standards adoptions and adaptations.

•Compare the National Standards to your State Curriculum to determine if there is any influence or relationship. Summarize your findings.

•Review your Local Curriculum to assess the relationship among the National Standards, the State Curriculum, and the Local Curriculum. Summarize your findings.

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