I want a business plan for a fictional Peruvian Restaurant in Kerrville, Texas. If you are not familiar with Peruvian Restaurant, you could check the webpage for www.elrocoto.com they have lots of pictures and information of that peruvian restaurant, for the resumes you can make them short, I want you to include one income statement by quarter for one year, land its not as expensive here in Kerrville, TX, but I would like to start that business from the ground-up, buying the land, building a new building and parking, near the heart of Kerrville. if you do a quick research on realstate, there are lots of properties near the Guadalupe River in Downtown Kerrville. down below i put a little info about kerrville, Its a fictional business plan, but I would like it to be a little realistic, dont worry about addding pictures, I will add those myself, thanks


Kerrville, a one-hour drive west of San Antonio, is the seat of Kerr County and one of Texas’ most popular escape destinations.

Situated in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Kerrville attracts visitors from all over the United States and the world. From tourists to summer campers to hunters, they all come to enjoy the natural scenic beauty that surrounds Kerrville for miles in every direction and the sparkling, spring-fed waters of the Guadalupe River.

Something about the Hill Country captures the heart of everyone who experiences it: the rugged terrain and rolling hills of the Guadalupe River Valley; clear rivers edged by towering cypress trees; a mild climate touted as one of the nation’s most ideal; an abundance of white-tailed deer, rare birds, and wildflowers; music, craftsmen, cowboys. In a phrase, there is something for everyone in this Hill Country paradise.

Kerrville boasts an array of annual activities, but its best-known events and attractions include the Texas State Arts & Crafts Fair, the Kerrville Folk Festival, the Museum of Western Art, the James Avery Craftsman headquarters, the legendary Y.O. Ranch, and the Kerrville-Schreiner Park.

So, don’t be a stranger to Kerrville! Something is always going on: festivals, arts & crafts fairs, and special events of many different kinds. And, at those times when Kerrville is quiet, it is then one can feel the hills, the river, and the wildlife as they beckon to those living in the fast lane to stop and be refreshed.

Come on in to Kerrville and lose your heart to the hills.

Kerrville has a pleasant climate, year-round.
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Low 32 36 41 51 59 66 68 67 62 52 40 34
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Kerrville Population: 22,347
Elevation: 1645 feet