The essay is about Birmingham(United Kingdom) Biking.

Hand In Date
Thursday 24th November 2011

Assignment Remit ‘Birmingham Biking’

Acting on behalf of a consortium (inc. the council) you are requested to plan a route for commuter cycling for Birmingham City. To satisfy the assignment remit, you are required to give consideration to and identify with:
• The proposed route;
• The role of parties with a vested interest [i.e., for and against the proposal];
• The planning guidelines/policies to consider in context to Birmingham Biking;
• The potential usage/demand forecast by drawing comparisons with other cities;
• The potential benefits i.e., economical, social, and environmental.
(This is a hypothetical situation please do NOT contact the City Council)


This is an individual essay to a maximum of 2,000words.

Grading Criteria

Students should refer to the Generic Grade Descriptors (Level 5). In particular this assignment will focus on:

• Structure and Clarity ??” A clearly outlined structure with identifiable evidence that follows a report format [20%]
• Content and Understanding ??” A comprehensive and well-established understanding of the design and planning of the proposed route, and the planning policy guidance notes (PPG’s/PPS’s) [20%]
• Application to Industry/Vocational Area ??” Evidence of the assessment of an appropriate route within Birmingham city and the role and responsibilities of the parties with vested interest, [30%]
• Analysis/Evaluation/Synthesis ??” A notable attempt to illustrate the linking of theory to practice through reference to PPG’s, sustainability, environmentalism, economics and their adherence to the case study [30%]
• Research/Reading/referencing ??” Evidence of the use of pertinent references where applicable, making use of journals, websites, governments links, and the city council where possible.