Choose One species out of a small subset of listed and candidate species
1.Alabam salmon 8. Santa Cruz cypress
2. Mission blue butterfly 9. Indian bat
3. Mexican wolf 10. Green sea turtle
4.Northern gray wolf 11.califorina gray whale
5 .Peregrine falcon 12. California condor
6.piping plover 13. Snail darter
7.Sanfrancisco snake 14. Shasta crayfish
15.norther spotted owl 16. Houston toad

Use a search engine on the Internet to find all related web-based information.
For the species identify its scientific name and determine its listing status. Prepare a short summary about what we know about this species. For example, what is known about its evolutionary context? What kind of organism is it and who are its closet living relatives? What kind of habitat does it occupy? How does it “make its living”? What is range of its historical distribution and what is its current distribution? What is known about its mode of reproduction? Are population considered stable, increasing or declining?
Next, Provide a short history of when it was recognized as being threatened or endangered, when it was listed or recognized as a candidate for listing and what kind of habitat protection are being provided to promote its protection and recovery. Does it have a recognized “Critical Habitat plan? Does it have a “recovery plan” have any population been protected under a habitat conservation plan (or Natural communities conservation Plan)? If so, give one or two example. Is it being protected under candidate Conservation plans or Safe Harbor agreement? If so, briefly identify.
Next, analyze what you can about its political history. What kinds of economic impacts might be attributed to its legal protection? Who are people who are being most impacted by protection of this species? Give any example you can (briefly) about controversies that have surrounded this species.
Finally, summarize your research in short analysis of importance of this species in terms of the habitat it represents and any other biological information that is relevant to its significance. Then contrast this information with an assessment of the political and economic impact of this species on society. Provide your own views on whether or not efforts to protect and recover this species are “worth it”. Based on your assessment of current trends, what is your prediction as to the probable status of this species in the near future (say one hundreds years)