Exercise for ” A Rose for Emely” by William Faulkner.
read critically,to interpret and draw conclutions from fiction.
make sure that your answers are clear;unclude an excerpt in answer 2,6,and 7.
1- why does william faulkner describe Emely Grierson as” fallen monument”in paragraph#1?
2-what was the relatoinship between Emely and her father like? on what detail or action do you base your inference?
3a symbol is any object, place,or action that suggests more than its literal meaning. Does Emely’s house symbolize her life in some way?
4-What is the rose for Emely?
5-what is the narrator’s attitude toward the townspeople and their curiosity about Emely?
6-why did emely poison homer?
7-Explain the conflict in Emely’s life.
8-what is Faulkner’s point in telling this story?
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